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HOST nosopool.estripa.online (
PORT 8082
FEE 2% (standard noso oficial pools )
PAYOUT 30 blocks, every time a Block is hitted payments are done in max 5h )
UPTIME Server Uptime
MAX MINERS FROM SAME PUBLIC IP 300 (initial limit)
DIFFICULTY 00000 ( five 0 ) Explained on next section


New POPW ( Proof of Participation of Work ) setup on Pools !, the is no more Solo minning, you need to mine using one of the oficial noso pool servers. Like Estripapool.



Due last change on how to control miners and also avoid ( GPU miners ) noso has changed how to mine. 

Today there is a faucet setup on noso , this system allos only 57 shares sended from a single public IP, ( that's anout having a 100KH device like a Raspberry pi4 running 10 min block ). So, now, it's more important to have more slow mining devices that having a single powerfuldevice. This new Proof or Participation on Work ( POPW ), so anyone can join minning noso using small devices like mobile phones, raspbery pi an so son. So, Lets go ! You can start using old mobile phone. MOre infor about this POPW on Discord Channel.




Easy and simple, this miner will connect automatically to pools servers and change pool every time you get the 57 shares limit. 




1- Download: Noso-Project/consominer2: consominer upgraded to work with PoPW (github.com)

2- Execute first time ( will run on test automatically and create the local config files )

3- Edit config file : consominer2.cfg


** Replace the default mining address with your own address. Aliases not allowed.
address NBFX6wuUKc1hwFWSA9kctv9XhohbEs
** Set the number of CPUs/Threads you want use to mine.
cpu 1
** Valid values: 65,68,69 and 70 (default).
hashlib 70
** Change to false to start mining when you launch the app.
test False
** Max number of shares to be submitted to each pool. Use 0 to use pool defined.
maxshares 9999
** Enter a valid number between 0-99 as your % volunteer donation for developer.
donate 5

4- Run :)




GitHub - f04ever/noso-2m: A miner for Nosocryptocurrency Protocol-2

-How  to mine using Estripa Pool:

noso-2m -a N2ophUoAzJw9LtgXbYMiB4u5jWWGJF7 -i 1200 -t 3 --pools="estripa:nosopool.estripa.online:8082"

Note: Change Address (N2ophUoAzJw9LtgXbYMiB4u5jWWGJF7) for your Noso Address, and -t for you total CPU cores used to mine



Release v1.02 · Noso-Project/consominer (github.com)

-How  to mine using Estripa Pool:

Edit consominer.cfg and add:

source nosopool.estripa.online:8082
address N2ophUoAzJw9LtgXbYMiB4u5jWWGJF7
cpu 4
autostart False
minerid 0
hashlib 70

Note: Change Address (N2ophUoAzJw9LtgXbYMiB4u5jWWGJF7) for your Noso Address, and cpu for you total CPU cores used to mine.

If you have several miners using the same public Ip change minerid on every miner to a random number.



Noso-Project/MobileMiner-noso: Android miner for the NOSO crypto coin based on consominer (github.com)

-How  to mine using Estripa Pool:

Use information from initial Table showing Server and port.


REVIEW YOUR MINNIG "QUALITY": Avoid Rejected Submissions

-Rejected Submissions:

If your miner shows "rejected submissions" just try to reduce "cpu" parameter, for example if you have your miner setup to user 4 threads or CPU, just try to setup 3. If you have accepted submissions that's the "TOP" performance on your hardware.

On noso-2m, you can check at the bottom fora message saying:

"A submission (xx) accepted !"

"A submission (xx ) rejected !"





If you have any issue please contact using Support Form:

Support Form

Feel free to send feedback using Noso Discord channel, all information available and great support. You can contact me also. ( Estripa nikname ) 

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